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Chikungunya Awareness Camp

May 4, 2009

The Chikungunya Awareness Camp happened on the 3rd of May 2009. It was conducted in the old Lions school near abmal mandabam.As usual the FOR meeting had a hurdle as the meeting was plannedin lions school near bombay arangam, they suddenly denied.Swift changes were made.

About 100 people were there by 5:30 pm. The Chief Guest was Dr.Jeevan MS, He addressed the gathering. He gave a excellent round up of chikungunya. This was followed by the awareness speech. How to protect us from the Aedes mosquito.

Things we can do: 

  • Full hand shirts
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Breeds in Fresh water alone
    • Cover the stored drinking and rain water
    • Cover over head tanks
    • Prevent water collection in cans and pots in the garden

Things that Govt needs to do:

  • Mosquito repellents
  • Virudhunagars road condition gives a excellent place of polling fresh water during the monthly rains. – So Unless Roads are made Can’t eradicate the disease
  • The roads are also are kept full with drinking water on the days drinking water comes.. through the broken pipes.
  • When the water tends to come once in 12 days people tend to store water. Despite the thamarabarani project- VNR is still deprived of water.







 The Discussion was also excellent the importance of preventing the disease was highlighted as there is no specific treatment. Just symptomatic treatment. SO PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Off course got a few blood samples from chikungunya affected people.

Mr.Jaisingh Vaerkar talked about the FORs next plan of signature campaign for ROADS. FOR will be drafting out the plan shortly.

Next came the unexpected part! Dr.Askohan came up and started his comment on a different note. Off course he added up some information on chikungunya. Suddenly the topic went bizarre….. he was talking about some one called “he” will shortly sanction crores for the roads. Howz that “he”?  His reply was “kk**R”. Who is that HE to sanction projects for VNR? Is he anyway related to govt functioning in VNR?  We requested Dr.Ashokan to not go off the topic. I guess he came as a politician rather than a Rotarian!

He also did comment on FORs – election manifesto meet. Saying we had called only one candidate. I think we can contact only people who are available and ready to hear us!  (Personally I have great respect for Dr.Asokan’s surgical skills) 

Anyway it was a nice gathering.. Looking forward for member of FOR to come up with more plans and volunteer.

FOR Joined hands with

Private Practitoners Association, Virudhunagar
Lions Club of Virudhunagar
Rotary Club of Virudhunagar
Y'smen Club of Virudhunagar
Jaycess Club of Virudhunagar
North Walkers Club, Virudhunagar
Sri Ayappasamy Madala Pooja Annathana Villakulu, Virudhunagar
Swamy Vivekanadha Yoga & Skating Sangam,
Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Kaivandi,
Matuvandi, Lorry atrumathi erakumathi Tholilalikal Munatra Sangam
Virudhunagar Cathoilic Christian Merchant & Sontha Muyarchiyalarkal Makamai Sangam
Christian Valaurimai Iyyakam, Virudhunagar
Virudhunagar Chamber of Commerce
Vijay Bharath Chamber of Commerce,
Virudhunagar Eyarkai Nalvalvu Sangam, Virudhunagar
Tamilnadu Minsara oyvu patra tholilalarkal Association, Virudhunagar
Patel Road, MSP Municipality Park Kudierupor Nalsangam, Virudhunagar
Akila India Nokarvor Manitha Urimai Pathukapu Council, Virudhunagar