For the People by the People


This TamilNadu & West Bengal election makes me proud to say that I’m a Indian and I’m a Tamilian in specific.

I look at this as an encouragement for the people working for a public cause. IJK and other smaller parties, have to look into ground reality and work rather than just elections. So that they will surely get support for the long time. It took mamtha more than 20 yrs. Vijaykanth has got a huge vote bank within a short time.

If governance is not going to be good then people will not vote for you despite you giving freebies, vote for cash, kapitu thitam and Rs.1 Rice. A land slide victory for Amma+ is people written.

But looking back people voted a landslide against Amma in 1996 because of her poor show.
DMK’s poor governance was riding luck on Vijaykanth’s vote bank for the last MP election. This time though people red hot we don’t want your (our looted) money we want only good governance.

So mind it Amma if your going to do what you did in 91-96 then you’ll have the same sad story to say in 2016.

Our North Indian Media was saying that TN people vote for freebies and cash, Other state politician copied the freebies. But TamilNadu has shouted out loud at our politicians we don’t want your bullshit

“I’m not a beggar” – Tamilian


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