Kalki … journals eyes at last


Many Thanks to KALKI to show some mercy on Virudhunagar

Virudhunagar WORST, Rajapalayam BEST.



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6 Responses to “Kalki … journals eyes at last”

  1. Vnr guy Says:

    This is ridiculous. The so-called politicians and so-called “important” people in vnr should take steps to make VNR a livable place.

  2. Vivek Says:

    Dr.Ratghinavel’s appraisal of the pathetic condition of Virudhunagar town is only the reflections and sufferings of the silent majority of the people of the town.
    I love Virudhunagar since I was born here.I was brougt up at Chennai, and fortunate to serve here for two years.
    Till date I am a frequent visitor to this town.
    Though Dr.Rathinavel has expressed the sentiment of the people, I feel he could have done this so poiltely and avoided direct attack up on the so called administrators. I appreciate his courage.
    How many people now know that there is lot of brain drain from our town?due to lack of basic facilities?
    Both boys and girls don’t want to settle down at this town infested with pigs and mosquitoes. The town has few roads only, but they are in poor shape when compared to the adjacent villages.The VIP’s, industrialists and the common people of this townremain as mute spectators.They must organise themselves and persuade the adminstrators for the upliftment of our town .

    • R Vivek Says:

      I think Nagar Nala Amaipu has done nothing violent.
      Attack!! Words & Pen.. That’s all..

      You’r welcomed to join nagar Nala Amaipu instead of
      Being like the people you mentioned.

      Virudhunagar is going beyond irreparable..


  3. kamarajadasan Says:

    Few days back I went to the GPO of Virudhunagar from the railway station from the goods shed road route.Oh God! I was almost broken my back due to the bumpy road during my two wheeler drive.
    Is there any local body administration?
    Is it the fate of the birth place of Kamarajji?
    Why did you people elect such irresponsible administrators?
    People of Virudhunagar I pity for you!

  4. Rajesh Says:

    Guys, This is the right time to ensure your voice is heard. Please vote for no party this election and lets bring in governor atchi.. If we dont act now even god cant save virudhunagar.

    • R Vivek Says:

      anyway someone is going to rule us. rather than wasting your vote > Choose a better one whose going to rob you little
      Regarding VNR. I think a learned candidate like KPR will have atleast a little to do compared to a MP’s PA amstrong

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