Pollution Virudhunagar


Underground sewerage scheme UGSS has been started in late 2006, supposed to be over by March 2008 but still we are waiting for it because of Local Municipal administration TWAD’S work has been disrupted, 75% of work has been finished without having done the temporary road, for the dug place leaving lots of puddles in and around main places, having created lots of rain water stagnation after drizzles. This is the reason for the current outbreak of horrible Chikungunya.

Next pitiable work going to create nuisance to Virudhunagar people, and Kuloorchandai Dam is without cleaning the sewage, house service connections are let into Kousiga River.

STP Work (SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT), meant for cleaning the sewage and leaving the partly cleaned water into Kowsiga River there. Cleaning plant work has not been started yet, so the underground sewerage scheme is going to be the same old indigenious scheme of leaving all 100% sewage disposable into Kosiga River. Previously at least part of most houses had soakpits, trenches conserving their sewage.Now ALAS Where We Are! So now our money is being wasted by the unjustified, unscrupulous work done by LOCAL MUNICIPAL AUTHORITIES and TWAD.

Model of STP

Model of STP


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